This program is dedicated to student learning and doing. The coaches and mentors at all levels believe:

  • student leadership is essential
  • students build, students program, students achieve
  • learning and thinking is the ultimate prize
  • "thinking outside of the box" is good!
  • if everything goes as planned, the plan was not very good
  • things will change, things will break, life will go on
  • competitions are intense, relax... as quicksand is fast

Latest News

Interested in being a part of R-P Robotics?  We will be meeting during the Spring and Summer to prepare for the fall competition season.  There are many opportunities for students to get hands-on learning skills all year long.  If interested, please complete the following Google Form, so that we can start getting information out to you!

R-P Robotics Participation Form

On January 6th, 2018, the R-P robotics students were able to compete again with their VEX IQ robot in Grandville.  Students had worked out their autonomous code, and things were much smoother... now that we know what to expect at these competitions!

Students ended up 11th overall, which is pretty good considering this our first year!  Cannot wait to see what these student accomplish in years to come!

On December 9th, 2017 Reeths-Puffer Students participated at the Jenison VEX IQ Robotics Challenge.  While a faulty Gyro messed with their autonomous runs, our students represented and did an awesome job.  Students received the 'CREATE AWARD', which is a "Robot with a creative engineering solution".

Congrats to these young engineers; the future of R-P Robotics!


Congratulations to the Reeths-Puffer Robotics program at the latest SeaPerch competition.  Our team earned a third place score, qualifying them for the National SeaPerch Competition in Atlanta, Georgia.  Congrats, and good luck!




Reeths-Puffer JrFLL wins the "Show and Tell" award at the Caledonia Expo.  

Congrats to our young robotic students!!

Underwater Robotics

We recently traveled to Detroit for our first underwater robotics competition. R-P Students did AWESOME!! considering their only testing was in a garbage can. Where most teams were scoring 4 to 5 points average in a challenge round, our students scored 22! 

Thank you...

We would like to thank you all for your continued support of RP Robotics! Sorry that we have not been pushing the website as hard as we probably should, but we have been busy working on robots, and going to competitions. We are still alive, and still around, so do not let rumors slow you down. We are scheduled for a FULL class in the 2016 school year, which should be awesome!

In addition, we are scheduled to compete in a competition this upcoming weekend in Detroit. While we love FIRST robotics, there are other robotics programs out there... and we are venturing off to participate in one of those! 

So, good luck to our students this weekend!! And, for those of you in doubt that we still exist, I can assure you that we do! We have tried to redo this website a few times, just have not found the 'flow' that we like yet. Plus, it is not a huge priority!

4591, 4956, and 6227

Planning to compete this winter!

IL Qualifier and Grandville FLL

This was an extremely productive weekend for our FIRST Lego League and FIRST Tech Challenge teams. Our FLL ended in third place, and at one point had the highest points on the field. Congrats to these fine young robot students!
Our FTC students competed their robots in Batavia, IL. Both robots were extremely impressive, with one ending up 2nd in qualifying and the other 13th. After a weird selection process, we ended up qualifying for the IL State competition to be held December 10. Congratulations to all robot students this weekend!!

FLL Team 1982 - Apollo?

Under the direction of Ms. Deibel, the RP FLL Team is back in full swing. With this year's competition revolving around food safety, our young engineers have already visited several exciting companies to learn what it takes to keep us healthy.

Team 2645 - PowerSurge (retired)

Now that we have two teams, a new group of students, a new program, a new outlook, and a fresh start, the PowerSurge name is going to be retired. So look out for to Reeths-Puffer Robotics as one team with two sub-teams. There will be many changes to the website, team designs, and team philosophies. Last year, we proved that the new program and new 'way of doing business' works for us. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for Reeths-Puffer Robotics!!

Bowled Over!

Excited about the new game!

Welcome Team 4956!!

Team 4591 would like to welcome Team 4956!! With a full class next year, we'll have enough students to field TWO teams!! WAHOO! We are registered, and the Kit of Parts is on its way.

State Runner-Ups

Team 4591 competed this weekend (actually, 3/5/2011) and their finalist alliance placed second overall. While we had many frustrations from the start, and blew up a few motors, we kept it together long enough to take second. Good job goes out to our Ohio alliance partners!!

THANK YOU Cranbrook

Team 4591 would like to thank the teams from Cranbrook for allowing us to scrimmage with them this weekend! This helped us tremendously!! We were able to find bugs that we did not know that we had, resolve most of those issues, and find a broken motor!

Transition to FTC

This year, we are pleased to announce that Reeths-Puffer will be competing in the FIRST Tech Challenge. This program will allow our students to still build a robot and compete that robot, while learning their materials, tools, and processes. We will be graciously professional, while learning to work together and with other teams. This is everything that we were able to accomplish in the FRC program, while being financially responsible, being safe (not having to drive all over) during the build season, better with time management, not under a grueling time deadline, and we have the ability to work on the physical robot during robotics class. In addition, the program works around our exam schedule, school break schedule, around band and athletics, and offers quite a few other advantages. The FTC program seems to be a better fit for us, and we hope that more schools and organizations in Michigan will join this program.

PowerSurge Ignite

Congratulations to Ms. Deibel and Mr. Hodson and the RP 4th Grade FIRST Lego League team (PowerSurge Ignite) for their successful year!! We cannot wait to see what this team can do next year, and in the future!

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